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Gunung Kawi Rocky Temple

Gunung Kawi Rocky Temple is one of the most famous Bali Places of Interest in order to get to this archeological site, we need to walk down to the valley on a couple hundreds step. There are some shops along the way selling typical tourist stuff although they also sell some unique handicrafts like coconut shell carving and bone carving. Bone carvings are indeed available all over Bali but its originally from this village. Some of talented carver specializing in carving the bone or even ivory are coming from this area. As you walk further down, your eyes will started to be pleased by the beautiful view of the valley.

Rice terraces under the shadow of coconut tress located in both side of Pakerisan river. Rather wide and not distracted view of the rice terrace, you can see as you getting closer to the site. Do make a stop and snap the view with your camera before you walk on the steps between the wall of cut-ed rock. As you reach the bottom of the steps you will be greeted with a gate cut-ed from the same rock as the gate.

Sprinkle the water provided in front of the gate to your head before you enter. This is a cleansing to anyone who wish to enter this sacred sanctuary, after passing the gate of Gunung Kawi Rocky Temple you make a left and you can see the first group of candi. Candi is man made carving that shape like mountain and made out o carved out from rock. This side has four candi. As you look across of the river you can see other groups of candi.

There are five candi at this wall, you need to cross the cemented bridge to get to the other side of the river, where you then entering the main temple yard. On the outside courtyard, there are two building serve as preparation hall and kitchen. While in the middle court yard it has three open building with wooden belt tower in the corner. Walk further in then you care in the inner part of the temple where the worship mainly done.

On the north east corner of the inner yard there are steps that lead you to even more inner part of the Gunung Kawi Rocky Temple. Please take of your shoes or sandal before entering. Inside again you will see candi. It is only one but much bigger then the other. It even has a small space inside look it like a meditation room.

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